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Ihr Technologiepartner für die Lasermaterialbearbeitung

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Hardening as a Service (Job Shop Hardening)

Your ticket to the technology of laser hardening

  • technology consultung for laser material processing with high power diode laser
  • versatile usability in mechanical engineering, mould- and tool making
  • high hardeness and ductile material core
  • low distortion hardening of function surfaces and freeforms
  • continuous camera based laser power control
  • quality control with simultaneous documentation during the hardening process

Alternatively laser hardening of your parts in our job-shop in Dresden.

Special: Hardening at your Company

The newest service we provide is to harden your parts in your company.
This is interesting if you have big parts or parts which have to stay in the machine while removing causes a complex repositioning.
Also you avoid mounting/unmounting time and work.
The part is ready to use directly after hardening process. (a little oversize caused by laser hardening)
This procedure avoids downtime caused by transport - and not to be forgotten the risk of transport damages.


mechanical engineering
tool making mould making

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