ALOtec Dresden GmbH manufactures and sells individually configured laser systems for hardening and deposit welding by means of wire or powder based on robots with high-power diode lasers.


  • Zoom optics with variable hardness track width
  • Zoom optics with variable welding track widths
  • Laser power control
  • Quality control during the process with time-parallel documentationn

Products - stationary systems

Our stationary laser processing systems are individually adapted and manufactured to the requirements and needs of the customer.

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Products - mobile systems

Our mobile laser systems can either be equipped as a mobile solution with a caterpillar chassis or mounted as a module on a mobile platform. The choice of solution depends on the frequency of mobile operations.

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This processing optics for laser hardening has a fixed laser track width.
It is compact, light and at the same time robust in the process.

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With the processing optics ALOhardzoom the operator can flexibly adjust the track width in X and Y direction within ongoing laser hardening process.

This optics can be integrated in all our stationary laser systems.

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This processing system is the ultimate tool for the most demanding hardening processes and can be integrated in all stationary laser systems.

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This processing optics for laser powder cladding has a fixed laser track width. Due to its compact structural form a very good accessibility to the part will be guaranteed during the process.

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This robust processing optics for laser powder cladding guarantees the highest flexibility for your cladding solutions.

In correspondence to your requirements we will make sure to choose the suitable type of powder nozzle and the fitting range, in which the laser spot size should vary.

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This processing optics for laser wire cladding guarantees due to the coaxial wire feeding a direction-independent process.

Laser wire cladding represents a great solution having a 100% material utilization, clean process conditions and the possibility of cladding in all the cladding positions.

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Two technologies – laser powder and wire cladding – with a direct diode laser and without tool change.

ALOtwin can be combinated with both: our stationary and our mobile laser system.

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