With ALOhardscan we provide our clients with the ultimate tool for the most demanding hardening processes. 

For the first time we are offering our clients an optics with a scanning mirror, which with help of dynamic, scanning alike oscillation, is a perfect condition for highly efficient thermal field control.

ALOhardscan can be integrated in all our stationary laser systems. Moreover, since it is a component of our modular system configurations it can be used alternately with other optics, such as for example ALOpowder for laser cladding by powder.


  • Laser hardening of parts from batch size 1 to many in tool and die industry as well as in the field of mechanical engineering
  • For all laser hardening processes, independently of the geometry of the component, for example for hardening on radii, V-grooves, multiple steps and planes, along an edge or any components geometry at all


  • The dynamic beam shaping system for flexible adjustment of the track width, from 6 until ca 80 mm without tool change and during the process
  • Offset of scanning amplitude crosswise to the robot movement
  • High-speed temperature control for an even hardness in each point of the scanned surface, independently of the complexity of the components geometry
  • Minimal time and effort during programming of the robot and process setup due to the possibility to harden bigger surfaces on the component in one go and one process cycle
  • Easier process chain and reduction of processing time on the component
  • Thermal imaging camera for process monitoring and realtime quality assurance

Temperature distribution (picture taken with thermal imaging camera)


  • Fixed optics with beam shaping system (scanner)
  • Pyrometric system
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Water cooling
  • Quick-change cover slide
  • Protective cover