One optics – variable laser track width

With the processing optics ALOhardzoom the operator can flexibly adjust the track width in X and Y direction within ongoing laser hardening process. In correspondence to your requirements we will make sure to choose the fitting range, in which the spot size should vary.

ALOhardzoom can be integrated in all our stationary laser systems. Moreover, since it is a component of our modular system configurations it can be used alternately with other optics, such as for example ALOpowder for laser cladding by powder.


  • Laser hardening with variable track widths of the geometries from wide variety of parts from tool and die industry as well as from the field of mechanical engineering


  • Flexible adjustment of track width without change of optics and during the ongoing process – independently in X and Y direction – from ca. 2 to 60 mm
  • Homogenous distribution of power density for an even energy input across the whole track
  • Offline programming with CAD/CAM
  • No change of the optic system
  • Application of macros to simplify the programming process
  • System for quick replacing of cover slides


  • Variable size of laser spot during the ongoing process
  • (Optional) Connection for camera, pyrometer and temperature measuring system
  • Water cooling
  • Quick-change cover slide
  • Protective cover

Flexible adjustment of track width during the ongoing process