ALOhybrid is the first hybrid 10-axis laser system worldwide – a perfect combination of stationary and mobile system for laser treatment. ALOhybrid is characterized by its precision and flexibility – the best of both worlds.ALOhybrid can be used alternately with technology of laser hardening and cladding. Furthermore it can be individually complemented by further components from its modular equipment.


  • Laser hardening and laser cladding in tool and die industry as well as in the field of mechanical engineering
  • Alternate usage as both stationary and mobile laser system

„Part comes to the laser or laser comes to the part“

ALOhybrid with ALOpowder optics for laser powder cladding


  • Flexibility of a mobile and precision of a stationary laser machine united in one system
  • 10-axis system with one control system and simple operability
  • Technology change laser hardening ↔ laser cladding using fast changing system
  • Easy positioning of the machine while using the caterpillar
  • (Optional) Offline programming via CAD/CAM and geometry scan for pre-production planning
  • Continuous documentation of process parameters
  • Versatile transport options (road/ rail/ water/ air)

Modular equipment