This processing optics for laser powder cladding has a fixed laser track width.
ALOpowder guarantees a very good accessibility to the part during the process due to its compact structural form.

There is a wide selection of powder nozzles, which can be combined with this optics. We support our customers in choosing the right nozzle according to their application.

ALOpowder can be integrated in all our laser systems. Moreover, since it is a component of our modular system configurations it can be used alternately with other optics, such as for example ALOhard for laser hardening.


  • Coating of 3D surfaces as a corrosion and wear protection
  • Repair of worn parts
  • Design modification or correction of production failures
  • Additive manufacturing of 3D parts


  • Low weight due to the application of aluminium components – compatibility with robots with a lower load capacity
  • Lower interference contours due to the compact structural form
  • Combinable with various powder nozzles
  • Selection of different nozzle – workpiece distances
  • System for quick replacing of cover slides

Possible powder nozzles*

Annular gap powder nozzle Multi-jet nozzle
  • with coaxial powder feeding and completely independent from any direction
  • fine powder focus
  • high deposition rate
  • operation angle up to ca. 30°
  • with coaxial powder feeding and completely independent from any direction
  • better accessibility to the part due to the high nozzle –  workpiece distance (up to 25 mm)
  • operation angle up to ca. 90° and so the full 3D ability

*Integration of more types of powder nozzles is possible on request.


  • Fixed spot size (different diameters are available)
  • (Optional) Connection for camera and pyrometer
  • Water cooling
  • Protective gas injection
  • Powder distributor
  • Quick-change cover slide (optional with cover slide monitoring)
  • Protective cover