The internal processing optics for laser powder cladding guarantees you the accessibility for the coating of inner diameters, internal surfaces, blind holes and the coating of tubes and cylinders.

ALOpowderID can be integrated in all our stationary laser systems. Moreover, since it is a component of our modular system configurations it can be used alternately with other optics, such as for example ALOhard for laser hardening.


  • Coating of internal surfaces, blind holes as well as of tubes and cylinders
  • Repairing of worn contours
  • Corrosion and wear protection


  • Coating of internal surfaces with a limited accessibility
  • Good shielding gas covering
  • For apertures with diameters from 60 mm
  • Depth of pipe immersion up to 1000 mm


  • Water cooling
  • Protective gas injection
  • Protective cover
  • Coaxial connection for camera or pyrometer