Two technologies – laser cladding by powder and by wire – with a direct-diode laser and without any tool change.

The processing optics ALOtwin can be combinated with our stationary as well as our mobile laser systems.


  • Additive manufacturing of 3D parts either with powder or with wire deposition
  • Demand-driven production of spare parts independently of their complex geometry instead of conventional storing


  • Cladding of multiple materials (wire and various powders)
    without process interruption
  • 3D print of parts with heterogeneous characteristics: ductile core and hard shell
  • Technology switch in 10 s
  • Path generation via CAD/CAM
  • Higher deposition rate due to the Hot Wire Laser Deposition
  • Near net shape manufacturing


  • Direct-diode laser (1 kW laser power)
  • Wire and powder feeders
  • Hot wire source
  • Collision detection
  • Process control

Additive manufacturing of 3D parts

Near net shape result