This processing optics for laser wire cladding guarantees due to the coaxial wire feeding a direction-independent process.

Laser wire cladding represents a great solution having a 100% material utilization, clean process conditions and the possibility of working in all the cladding positions.

ALOwire can be integrated in all our stationary laser systems. Moreover, since it is a component of our modular system configurations it can be used alternately with other optics, such as for example ALOhard for laser hardening.


  • Coating of 3D surfaces as a corrosion and wear protection
  • Repair of worn parts
  • Design modification or correction of production failures
  • Additive manufacturing of 3D parts


  • 100% material utilization and a clean performance
  • Coaxial wire feeding for a precise and direction-independent process
  • Possible cladding positions: PA to PG
  • Even material supply through the entire process and a homogenous quality of the material at the end result
  • The possibility of using different wire diameters – from 0,8 to 1,6 mm
  • The integrated emergency-stop module by means of XYZ-deflection in case of the collision or wire stuck
  • Offline programming with CAD/CAM
  • System for quick replacing of cover slides


  • Optics
  • (Optional) Connection for camera and pyrometer
  • Water cooling
  • Protective gas injection
  • Cross-jet of compressed air for protection from dust and smoke gas
  • Wire feeder
  • Collision and safety shutdown
  • Quick-change cover slide
  • Protective cover