We offer contract manufacturing on our 3 laser systems.

Our services include laser hardening as preventative wear protection and laser deposition welding with wire or powder for repair of customer components.

With our mobile laser system we can also process large components at your site.


Laser hardening is a process in which the energy input takes place by means of radiation directly onto the component surface. The laser beam heats briefly, locally limited, the upper part of the material up to the austenitizing temperature of the material used. This leads to a homogenization of the carbon distribution and thus to the propagation of an austenitizing front in the material.

Depending on the material used, the austenitizing temperature is about 900 ° C to 1400 ° C and the holding time is about 3 s to 10 s.

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Laser powder deposit welding

Laser powder deposit welding (LPA) is a manufacturing process in which a powdered filler material is melted by means of a laser and applied to a workpiece.

The powder is usually supplied by means of multi-jet nozzles, wide jet or coaxial nozzles. The energy input generated by the laser heats the component surface and creates a molten bath. The continuous powder or powder mixture fed in via the powder nozzle is heated in the laser beam and then melted in the molten bath.

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Laser wire deposit welding

With the laser wire processing optics COAXwire of the Fraunhofer IWS a compact solution for the processing of metallic wire materials by means of laser systems is available.

A special three-beam optics system with centric wire feed enables direction-independent process control in a variety of machining positions. User benefits result in 100% effective material utilization, high productivity and clean process conditions.

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