Laser cladding by powder on a roller

Laser cladding by powder (deposit welding)

Laser powder deposit welding is a manufacturing process in which the laser beam melts a base material onto the surface and a powdered filler material is introduced into the molten bath via a nozzle. Coaxial, multi-jet or wide-jet nozzles are used. The continuous powder or powder mixture fed in via the powder nozzle is heated in the laser beam and then melted in the molten bath. The filler metals used may be the same or different metallic powders or powder mixtures.

The process enables high precision of material application with layer thicknesses of 0.1 mm to 1 mm and build-up welding in multiple layers. This results in a metallurgical fusion of the layers with the base material with little mixing of the base material. Due to the lower energy input compared to conventional welding processes, the components experience less distortion and no damage to the structure. </ P>

Laser powder build-up welding is used to apply wear-resistant coatings to heavily stressed components. In addition, it is used to repair components or to change component geometries quickly and easily in machine, tool and mold making.

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laser powder deposit welding