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program generation


Reis Robots



For reducing programming time on the producing machine an offline programming system oftzen is not necessary.
There exist for many applications the possibility to use easy input (e.g. for process parameter) masks together with automated generated programs by robot.
We offer programming of such auto generating programs (called macros) for reis robots!

  • auto generating of frequently time-killing programming tasks 
  • integration of process spezific commands at predefeined program positions: e.g. integration of process sequence for laser hardening, cladding or laser wire welding. Every other technology is also realisable

Spiral-Macro: Parallel Spirals with additional rotation axis 

Macro that automatically creates a robot program with parallel spirales on rotationally symmetrical parts.

P5070024_01 Reis Programmiermakro Spirale Parallel
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Spiral-Macro: Spiral with addiational rotation axis

Macro that automatically create spiral robot tracks.
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Offsetgenerator for rotation axis

A macro programmed by ALOtec Dresden GmbH that automatically generates repeated tracks on a rotational symmetric part.

 P220 RPE Offsetgenerator fuer Drehachse
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Circle-Macro: Paralle circle with additional rotation axis

This macro creates parallel circles on a rotationally symmetrical geometries.
Optional the start and end points of each circle could be shifted, so that they are spreaded.

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