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Laser beam analysis using LasMon -

analysys of large laser beam cross sections with arbitrary geometry

LasMon003 de


Analysis of beam quality of laser sources and laser optics

  • wave length range 800 to 1070nm and maximum of 6kW laser power
  • arbitraty laser beam geometry range 5 x 5 mm² to 45 x 45 mm² respectively 50 x 10 mm² cross sections
  • large cross sections up to 100mm width as scan optics tracks are offered as special solution


  • view as 3D-solid with intersections in 3 planes
  • 640 x 480 pixel spatial resolution
  • 8 bit grayscale value resolution


  • measurement of the beam focus dimensions and the beam location
  • determination of the beam geometry and center of gravity of the beam distribution
  • determination of the intensity distribution (FWHM, 86,5% respectively arbitrary %-value)
  • logging in XML file format
 pixel spatiamedia/pdf/lasmon/100413 LasMon Flyer dt.pdf
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