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Laser Power Control

Screenshot der Regelsoftware LompocPro während eines Regelprozesses

The laser power control consists of the temperature measuring system "E-MAqS" and the control software "LompocPro". This combination results in an uniform hardness track in face of permanently changing geometry of the part. Melted edges and drilling holes will be avoided.

For a short time it is possible to control laser cladding processes.

survey of advantages:

  • space-resolved control with hot spot recognition
  • avoids melted edges and holes
  • records the hardening tracks as data set and/or process video
  • saveable/loadable projects for serial parts and/or different materials
  • gathering maximum temperature of inhomogenous and transient temperature regions
  • possibility for synchronizing with the scanning system 


  • measurable temperatures from 700°C to 1500°C
  • sampling rate up to 200Hz
  • resolution>0.1mm
  • measure distance 50...1000mm
  • measuring field  customizable by changing optics


Fraunhofer IWS
LompocPro and E-MAqS were developd by the Fraunhofer IWS.


information for using the laser power control for cladding (german)


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