Easy assembly of the mobile laser safety barriers

Mobile laser safety barriers


With ALOprotect5 you work more safely.

Laser safety barriers from ALOtec

The laser safety barriers are versatile, intuitive, and quick to set up, and they can be safely and compactly stored through the mobile station. The mobile station is optimized for transport by road, rail, and air freight in terms of dimensions and structure.

The time required for setting up the certified laser safety barriers and installing the associated technical accessories such as door monitoring, emergency stop switches, and laser warning lights is very minimal, taking less than 1 hour.

Naturally laser-safe


Perfectly stored for safe transportation.

Mobile transport stations

The certified laser safety barriers with accessories and the mobile laser system perfectly stored in a mobile station for safe transport.

Transport lugs
For safe loading and unloading and relocation to a second level

14 mobile laser safety barriers
Laser safety compliant with DIN EN 60825-4, size: 1.07 x 2.17 meters

Storage compartments for laser processing heads, tools, and accessories
6 x dustproof boxes and 4 x lockable storage compartments for tools

Crawler with robot
Space for the mobile laser system with 2 robust loading ramps

Crawler locking mechanism
A secure locking mechanism for the crawler during transport

Wheels with brakes
For quick relocation and removable during transport

Assembly of the walls

Simply safe

  • 1. Step – Assembly

    Pull the laser safety barriers out of the mobile station.

  • 2. Step – Assembly

    Turn the feet on the underside of the laser safety barriers by 90° and insert the castors into the mounting holes in the feet.

  • 3. Step – Assembly

    To set up, slide the laser safety barriers to the desired position and form an enclosed space.

  • 4. Step – Assembly

    The connecting straps are attached to the holes in the frame with the locking bolts.

  • 5. Step – Assembly

    The laser safety curtains for the floor area are attached to the lower eyelets on the walls.

  • 6. Step – Assembly

    The laser safety curtains are attached vertically between two walls using the press studs.

  • 7. Step – Assembly

    Finally, the technical accessories such as the emergency stop switch, the laser warning light and the door monitoring system are fitted.

Safety first for you?

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With ALOprotect5 you work safer. Our laser safety barriers are certified, modular, easy to assemble and simple to store and transport.

Easy, flexible and fast installation of laser safety barriers

Our laser systems in the moving picture

Roll it – laser on

ALOflex – Robot system for mobile laser processing