Technology - Laserhardening

Laser hardening is a process in which the energy input takes place by means of radiation directly onto the component surface. The laser beam heats a short time, limited locally, the upper portion of the material up to the austenitizing temperature of the material used. This leads to a homogenization of the carbon distribution and thus the spread of Austenitisierungsfront in the material.

Depending on the material used, the austenitizing temperature is about 900 ° C to 1400 ° C and the holding time is about 3 s to 10 s.

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Technology - laser cladding by powder (deposition welding)

Laser cladding by powder (deposit welding) is a manufacturing process in which a powdered filler material is melted by means of a laser and applied to a workpiece.

The powder is usually supplied by means of multi-jet nozzles, wide jet or coaxial nozzles. The energy input generated by the laser heats the component surface and creates a molten bath. The continuous powder or powder mixture fed in via the powder nozzle is heated in the laser beam and then melted in the molten bath.

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Technology - Laser cladding by wire (deposit welding)

With the laser wire processing optics COAXwire of the Fraunhofer IWS a compact solution for the processing of metallic wire materials by means of laser systems is available.
A special three-beam optics system with centric wire feed enables direction-independent process control in a variety of machining positions.
User benefits result in 100% effective material utilization, high productivity and clean process conditions.

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