Laser wire cladding



Cladding and repair with wire

The ALOwire technology for repair, wear protection and additive manufacturing impresses with 100% material utilisation, high productivity, processing of large components, cleanliness of the process and the ability to perform cladding in all welding positions.

In ALOwire laser wire cladding, the laser beam is split into individual beams using optical elements. These create a localised molten pool on the surface of the base material, into which a wire is fed concentrically.

Due to the lower energy input compared to conventional welding processes, the components experience less distortion and minimal changes in microstructure.

Technology for all shapes

Processing optics

Depending on the function and application of the component, different processing optics ensure optimum surface processing.


Optics for wire cladding

ALOwire is a processing optic for laser wire cladding for large components and impresses with its high deposition rate. The coaxial wire feed enables direction-independent process control. A variety of filler materials enables a wide range of surface processing.

Area of application: Cladding of 3D surfaces as corrosion and wear protection, repair of worn components, design changes or correction of production errors and additive manufacturing of 3D components.


Two technologies – wire and powder cladding

Two technologies – wire and powder cladding – with one direct diode laser without changing tools. The hybrid optics for wire and powder score points with very good shielding gas coverage, a high deposition rate thanks to the hot wire process and ensures near-net-shape production thanks to bright seams and fine structures.

Area of application: Additive manufacturing of 3D components and fast, customised production of spare parts.

Switch between powder and wire

Ranging from forming tools to cutting tools

Applications with ALOwire

Laser wire cladding is used for the application of wear protection layers on heavily stressed components. Furthermore, it is used for the repair of components or for the simple and fast modification of component geometries in machine, tool and mould industry as well as for the additive manufacturing of 3D components.

Forming dies Rollers and shafts

Additive manufacturing of a gear wheel
Cladding with wire on a forming tool

Cutters & Cutting tools Bearing shells

Cladding with wire on a forming tool
Cladding with wire on a cylinder

Gear wheels & cams 3D components

Additive manufacturing of a cam
Cladding with wire on a forming tool


Sample components

  • Gear wheel

    Additive manufacturing of 3D components, using the example of a gear wheel.

  • Gear wheel with cam

    Additive manufacturing of 3D components, using the example of two cams and a gear wheel.

  • Forming die

    Laser cladding with wire on a forming tool.

Laser cladding by wire

Advantages of ALOwire

Quality assurance during the processes

Hardness up to 66 HRC

Minimal distortion due to small heat input

Direction-independent process control

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Optimum filler materials

Deposition rate up to 1.5 kg/h

User-friendly due to high working safety

Small batches and single pieces

Optics for laser wire cladding technology

Ready for all applications

Wire materials

Different types of laser cladding wires – including nickel-based, copper-based and iron-based alloys – ensure optimal cladding according to the desired requirements, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance.

Wire materials: Nickel
  • High toughness
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Ideal as buffer and filler material
Wire materials: Iron
  • Flexible and economical
  • Hardness up to 65 HRC
  • Wear resistance due to W, V
  • High corrosion resistance due to Cr, Ni
Wire materials: Copper
  • Good sliding properties
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High resistance to cavitation
Wire materials: Tin
  • Good sliding properties
  • High corrosion resistance

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Laser wire cladding on a forming tool

ALOwire in moving images

Roll it – laser on

Laser cladding by wire
New quality for cutting tools