Laser hardening with precision



Laser hardening

ALOhard laser hardening is a surface hardening process that generates maximum hardness values on the component surface with a very low energy input. This achieves a specific improvement in the wear behaviour of components.

The laser beam briefly and precisely heats the upper area of the material above the austenitising temperature of the material used. This leads to an austenitisation front in the material. Due to the self-quenching via the volume of the component, no separate quenching medium is required and the rapid cooling leads to the formation of martensite.

Due to its technology, laser hardening is very environmentally friendly and conserves resources, and is particularly economical for small series and individual parts.

Technology for all component shapes

Processing optics

Depending on the geometry of the component, different processing optics ensure optimum surface hardness.


with fixed laser track width

This processing optic for laser hardening has a fixed laser track width. It is compact, lightweight and robust in use.

Area of application: Laser hardening with a constant track width on series parts for mechanical engineering as well as on tools and moulds.


with variable laser track width

The ALOhardzoom processing optics enable the laser track width to be changed flexibly in the x and y directions during the hardening process.

Area of application: Laser hardening with variable track widths of geometries from a wide and changing range of components in tool, mould and machine engineering.

Laser hardening with zoom optics


with dynamic laser beam guidance

This processing system is the ultimate tool for the most demanding hardening processes. A dynamic, scan-like movement is generated via an oscillating mirror, which creates the conditions for highly efficient thermal field control.

Area of application: Laser hardening regardless of the component geometry, e.g. on radii, V-grooves, multiple steps, edges or any geometries of individual and series parts from tool and mould making and mechanical engineering.

Hardening of a drawing die
Hardening of a drawing die
Hardening on different geometries

From abrasion surfaces to gear racks

Applications with ALOhard

ALOhard laser hardening is used for improving highly stressed, complex components. Maximum hardness values are generated on the component surface with low energy input. This achieves a specific improvement in the wear behaviour of highly stressed component surfaces. Laser hardening is used in industry, automotive, railway, mechanical engineering, tool and mould making, the oil and gas industry, mining, shipbuilding and agriculture.

Conveying screws Forming dies

Laser hardening of a forming die
Laser hardening of gear racks

Cutters & Cutting tools Machine beds

Laser hardening of a cylinder
Laser hardening of a mold tool

Rollers and shafts Gear racks

Hardening a shaft
Laser hardening


Sample components

  • Hardening with dynamic optics

    Laser hardening independent of the component geometry: radii, V-grooves, multiple steps or edges by means of dynamic, scan-like oscillating movement of an oscillating mirror.

  • Turning part

    • Base material: C45
    • Surface hardness: 60 HRC
    • Technology: ALOhard Laser hardening
  • Shaft hardened by using macros

    • Base material: C45
    • Surface hardness: 57 HRC
    • Hardening depth CHD: 0,5 mm
  • Forming die

    Laser hardening of a 3D freeform surface with ALOhardscan

  • Bevel gear

    Laser hardening of a bevel gear with ALOhardzoom for a variable spot size in the process.

Laser hardening

Advantages of ALOhard

Laser power control for a homogeneous hardness profile

High surface hardness up to 65 HRC

Minimal distortion due to small heat input

Flexible shaping of the laser beam

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Time saving

Area rate up to 0.5 m²/h

No quenching media required

Small batches and single pieces

Laser hardening with ALOhardzoom

Your cost advantage:

We harden on your premises.

We offer ALOhard laser hardening and ALOpowder laser powder cladding directly on site at the component.

This eliminates transport and set-up times for the component as well as the associated costs and risks.

Mobile laser hardening at the customer's site

ALOhard in moving images

Roll it – laser on

Mobile laser hardening of pressure sleeves
Laser hardening with mirror system
Laser hardening of gear rack with ALOhardzoom
Laser hardening of a cylinder with ALOhardzoom