Laser classing by wire on a bending tool

Laser cladding by wire (deposit welding)

With the laser wire processing optics COAXwire of the Fraunhofer IWS a compact solution for the processing of metallic wire materials by means of laser systems is available. A special three-beam optics system with centric wire feed enables direction-independent process control in a variety of machining positions. User benefits result in 100% effective material utilization, high productivity and clean process conditions.

The laser radiation is divided by means of an optical element into individual beams, which are arranged around a centric axis. The partial beams are then via deflecting elements merged into a common focus, which lies in the axis of the wire.

Caterpillar-shaped traces of welding are produced, which can be applied in one or more layers on even, round or free-formed surfaces as well as on edges.

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