Research project: LAFUM-RO

The overall objective of the project “Laser-based functionalization of forming tools with industrial robots” (LAFUM-RO) is the development of a technology concept and manufacturing process for the direct, cost-efficient and adaptive production of functionalized surfaces on 3D forming tools.

Machined test component
Robot system with optics

The production of such novel 3D forming tools with functionalized surfaces should enable a wide range of applications, e.g. in mechanical engineering or vehicle construction (e.g. deep drawing) under economical conditions. The high technological requirements, e.g. the longer service life of the sheet metal forming industry (improved deep drawing processes with lower stamping force, no bottom cracks in the product with high flexibility of the sheet metal shapes achieved), must be met so that a new market segment for laser precision processing systems from ALOtec Dresden GmbH and EdgeWave GmbH can be opened up.

Project partners

ALOtec Dresden GmbH

Development of a strategy for the processing of 3D parts with an industrial robot. Improvement of the long-term stability of microstructures by laser hardening.

EdgeWave GmbH

Development and construction of a compact laser system optimized for interference structuring.

TU Dresden

Optics development for robot-assisted surface functionalization; technology development and analysis of material properties

Funding of the project

The project “Laser-based functionalization of forming tools with industrial robots (LAFUM-RO)” is funded by the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM).

Funding reference number: KK5279901SY1

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