Mobile laser hardening of pressure sleeves at an open-die forge

Our latest challenge: mobile on-site laser hardening of 15-metre-long pressure sleeves that are used in large open-die forging presses and have to withstand extreme loads. We use state-of-the-art laser technology to specifically optimize the wear behaviour of these sleeves.

ALOflex mobile laser system with mobile laser safety walls and component
Large open-die forging press (with 85 MN) in which the pressure sleeves are installed
Laser hardening of 15 meter long pressure sleeves
Programming the robot
Process track during laser hardening on the component
Moving fully hardened pressure sleeves using an indoor crane

The advantages of laser hardening:

Increased wear resistance: The service life of the compression sleeves is considerably extended.
Precision: Targeted and efficient hardening exactly where it is needed most.
Flexibility: Mobile system that can be used directly on site in the forge.

This project is an impressive example of how flexible our ALOflex mobile laser system is.